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Lane Frost Vs Red Rock Poster

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Size - 22 x 14

Thinner Poster with all kinds of History behind it!

The Challenge of Champions was an epic battle between Lane Frost and the 1,800-pound Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame bucking bull Red Rock. After their seven matchups in 1988 (in which Lane was successful in 4 of 7 rides), Dodge contacted Lane to have posters made for the promotion of future events. They would print rodeo times and dates on the left side and display them all over. After Lane’s tragic passing in 1989, Dodge didn’t feel right using the posters, so they sent them to Clyde and Elsie — Lane’s parents. These posters are the original prints from Dodge’s promotion in 1988 — meaning they are 30 years old and the only posters to ever be printed and will never be printed again. The bull riding relics have been kept under lock and key in the Frost family barn — until now. They feature one of the most famous snapshots of Lane atop Red Rock, captured at the pinnacle of the two champions’ careers. Receive a piece of history surrounding one of the best bull riders and one of the best bucking bulls of all time.

Customer Reviews

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Best Gift to a Cowgirl

I received the poster with an order and my daughter cried when I gave it to her. Perfect gift for my cowgirl 🤠


Poster was how it looked on web when I chose it. However, for the price it could have been better taken care of. Not sure if mall carrier damaged it or what. It has wrinkles in it and lookes crunched in certain areas.

Lane Frost vs Red Rock poster masterpiece

I absolutely love my poster of Lane Frost vs Red Rock poster. To think that I own a piece of real life history of the legendary and greatest bull rider of all time. I will forvever be a huge fan of Lane's and think about him often. Wish he was still with us today just so he could see all the barriers he sat for professional bull riding. Long live Lane Frost's memory

A legend never dies

I was born after Lane’s death and never saw him ride. But his legacy remains to this day. He has become a personal role model to me, not just as a way to act as a man, but also how to be a man of God. I have two of the Lane Frost buckles as well as the Cowboy Bible. Having an actual poster from his events is an unbelievable feeling! God Bless everyone at Lane Frost Brand!!!

Red Rock Poster

My grandson thinks he is Lane Frost so, I would say it was a big hit. Thank you!